Friday, October 23, 2009

Grieving is Over

So, I didn't get the position as a UT blogger and needless to say I've been pretty bummed. For a while, I decided to just give up blogging in general, but I realized that even if UT doesn't care what I have to say someone out there does. I mean, I have 10 followers. . . even if one of them is my mom. haha. Plus, not to get mushy or anything, but blogging is about more than just followers. Blogging makes my life better. My joys are sweeter when I get the chance to share them with others and my trials are easier when I know someone else can learn from them too. So take that UT Bloggers!

Anyways, I am now back and firing on all burners. I am very excited to announce that I have changed my major and I am now part of the very small percent of women in the chemical engineering program. For now, I am also still doing the whole pre-med thing, but in case that route doesn't work out the way I plan, I'll always have an engineering degree to back it up. With my history of fainting spells as a clinical intern . . . I'm thinking this back-up plan is a good idea.

My major change has also led me to question some other decisions in my life, like study abroad. I am currently studying French as one of my general education requirements and I have always wanted to study abroad in France. Sadly, there are no chemical engineering exchange programs in Paris, but there is one offered in Nice, which is in the French Riviera. I am pretty sure that it may be one of the most beautiful places on earth. In case you don't believe me, I am enclosing a picture below:

Other than that, I'm just trying to get through one day at a time. My main concern at this moment is where to get a CHEAP, MODEST, and CUTE Halloween costume. I had planned on being a cowgirl, because I already had all of the stuff. Then, I had to loan my stuff to my younger sister back in Mt. Juliet for a country western dance she was going to. This leaves me with no costume and back at square one. My other considerations are: a pirate, a witch, or an M&M. As you can see from my last pirate costume for a school skit, I was anything but cute. haha. Isn't the fake mustache the best?!

Anyways, I think I could probably make a cute M&M costume like the one in the picture below that I saw from Party city, but i just don't know when I'll have time to make it. . .

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Game Ever!

I'm guessing if you are any kind of sports fan, you've already heard about the huge upset in Neyland Stadium yesterday. You know. . . when Tennessee raped Georgia. I shouldn't rub salt in the wound, but I can't help but write about the BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER!

I almost didn't even go to the game, because I thought we were going to get slaughtered. What kind of fan would I be, though, if I didn't tough it out with my team through thick and thin?! So I went and my seat was awesome. Section F. Row 19. Right on the 20 yard line, where every big play of the game happened. I swear I could feel Eric Berry's sweat. haha.

At first, I could only hope that we would put up a decent fight, but as the game went on and I saw we actually had a quarterback I started to hope. All thet hoping must have paid off, because we won: 45-19. I am honestly proud to be a Vol after that game.

Plus, the Pride of the Southland band did the circle drill! Definitely the coolest marching band I've ever seen. If you've never seen it, I suggest clicking here to watch the youtube video. While it's awesome online, it's even better in person. Anyway if you're interested in reading more about the game, click here. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

"This May Qualify as the Most Random Interview Ever"

"This may qualify as the most random interview ever." - Leigh Shoemaker, UTK Web Designer, Creative Communications

Today I had an interview with the technology directors, etc. in the office of admissions, because. . . I'm applying to be a blogger for UT. Isn't that fun? I sent in an application and sample blog a while ago, and I made it through to the interview stage. They went through around 100 sample blogs and narrowed it down to their favorite 14. They seemed to really like me. I mean, during the interview, they quoted my own blog back to me and told me how much they all laughed when reading it. That's a good sign, right? I'm trying not to get my hopes after the whole freshman council thing, but it's hard because this is something I want really, really bad. Oh well, all I can do now is wait and hope and eat chocolate. Because chocolate always makes everything better, right?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where did the Weekend Go?

With the days getting shorter and oh so, so much colder, it seems like I am not getting much accomplished anymore. I studied all night Thursday for my French test and my first Sociology exam, which I made a 100 on! My Friday night was devoted entirely to eating. Jake, Rachel, and I went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. The waiter spent most of the time hitting on Rachel while I ate my lasagna. haha. Sometimes it stinks to have hot friends. He did give us free cake for Rachel's birthday, which is in April. . .

Saturday, the weather was PERFECT. I went running for around 2 hours off and on, taking breaks on benches around campus when I couldn't breathe anymore. I discovered that if I start sprinting at the top of pedestrian walkway, I can pick up enough speed to run up all 95 steps to the top of the hill. I did that a few times until I almost got hit by a car crossing Volunteer Blvd. I decided then that I had probably ran long enough. . . so Morgan and I went to Target to stock up on essentials. On our way back, we went to eat at Captain D's, where I discovered that it's weird to eat cheese sticks with honey mustard. Morgan is the first person to ever tell me this, but it's too late for me to change my ways now. . .

Saturday night, we went to the Valarium to celebrate our losses. As it turns out, it's not a great place to go without a date. It was just super awkward, because none of us could dance with each other since we're friends and that would be weird. So, we danced alone while all the couples around us put on the major grind. . . It was basically a bust. To top it off, on the way back a car in the parking lot ran over a water bottle and it busted, essentially spraying its entire contents all over me. I was soaking wet and tired and mad that I wasted 10 bucks.

So, that was my weekend. Sunday isn't really worth mentioning since all I've done is sleep and study.