Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who's Your Celebrity Twin?

Have you ever wondered which celebrity you look like? Well, the time has come to find out, via Myheritage.com. This amazing site not only helps you with your family history, but can scan a photo of you to tell you which celebs you look the most like. Surprisingly, I look 71% like Brittany Murphy in the photo I uploaded. Most people say I look like Reece Witherspoon, but she didn't even come up. Go figure. So, I know you're dying to try it. Just click here, create an account, and go under the celebrity tab. Here's my celeb collage:

I'm in Love . . .

So I've fallen in love with some coach rainboots. I've been wanting rainboots FOREVER and these are absolutly perfect. They're cute, but also classic. I see them as an investment, because I'll be wearing them for years to come, right? Plus, they're number one on my "Things I am Allowed to Buy" list.
Yeah . . . the list. I've had to make this list, because I seem to have a shopping addiction. Then again, a Chanel little black dress is also on my list, so I may not be cured. (Retail: $6K+, but I saw one on ebay for $3,500. Not that I can afford that either.) I figure it'll probly take a decade to get that one, but I can wait. Good thing I'm gonna be a plastic surgeon, becase I'm gonna need a lot of cash to keep up with my spending habits.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I need your Help again . . .

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Rebekah Patton, and I am the Salutatorian from Wilson Central High School . I am currently completing for a $20K scholarship in an online voting competition. First, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far. I appreciate your votes as well as your time. Now, I need your help again. I have advanced to regions and you can all vote again. : ) Or, if you haven't voted yet, you can for the first time. This is not a scam; this is a legitimate competition that could me the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here's a more in-depth explanation:

1.) I am currently competing at the regional level in the Zinch March Madness Scholarship Competition. I was selected from over 7,000 students from Tennessee to represent our state. I have now advanced to regions by being in the top 6 of around 50 students in the state of Tennessee. I am in the South 3 region and the competition is fierce. To advance again, I need your help. I need each and every one of you to vote for me. 

2.) So, how do you vote? It's an online vote. Go to zinch.com. It will take you to the page, but you have to be a member. Don't sweat, though. Sign-up only takes a minute, and it's 100% free. First, click on sign up. The first question will be "Who am I?" select "other." Then, you will pick a username and password. It will ask for your email address, but please don’t be deterred. IT WILL NOT SPAM YOU. After that, it will only ask for your name, gender, and zip code. Voila! You're done. They'll send you a confirmation email. After you confirm, you'll be free to vote!

3.) This might sound cynical, but I know a few of you are wondering, "Why bother?" Well, there are about a million and one reasons, but I only have time for three. First of all, when you do something nice for someone, good things happen. It's called karma. : ) Second, I'm planning on attending Vanderbilt in the fall. Tuition is roughly $50K a year, so this scholarship would really help me. (Hopefully this University choice will alert you to my academic and extracurricular record.) Lastly, I am going to be a plastic surgeon, specializing in pediatric reconstructive surgery. If you vote for me, you'll also be helping many, many children in the future.

Is that enough of a guilt trip? Only kidding, but seriously . . . please take a few minutes of your time to help me. Feel free to contact me at Beka709@yahoo.com with any further questions. 

Thank You,
Rebekah Patton
Wilson Central High School

P.S. Please forward this message to as many people as possible. I REALLY need the votes.