Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am in fact alive. . .

The beauty of blogging is that you get to share your life lessons with others. . .

Life lesson no. 1.: NEVER under any circumstances take 19 hours with two labs. I made that mistake this last semester and have been so busy traveling to Hades and back that I haven't had a life - let alone time to blog about it.

Somehow I managed to get through, though, and keep my 4.0. Although, it wasn't without a lot of hard work, and even more tears. Which brings me to Life lesson no. 2: Office hours are your friend. Getting an A was never a problem for me until this past semester, when I faced off against the cal 2 teacher from your worst nightmare. I went to office hours, though and in the end when I was 0.003 points from an A he bumped me up even though he didn't bump up others in my class. Hurray!

On that same note, Life lesson no. 3: Whoever brought back the A- must be punished. I hate those things with a passion, seeing as I spent the last semester skirting the A/A- border in a couple of my classes. Ex. French 223, which requires a 94 to get an A. Really, a 94?! Does that not seem unreasonably high?

Enough about academics, though. Let's move on to my over-achieving extracurricular life. I was blessed enough to make it into SAA. I love the opportunity it gives me to serve past, present, and future students! I was fortunate enough to work the Billion Dollar Campaign Update luncheon and attend the dinner as well. I got to meet the Chancellor and Lelan Statom, as well as many of the generous donors that have made our great education at UT possible. :)

I look forward to working more with SAA next year, as well as working as an R.A. in the best building on campus. I prefer not to disclose which building for cyber safety, but we all know who's the best. :) haha.