Monday, February 1, 2010

Better Now Than Never

If I don't blog now, I won't get a chance for the rest of the day, so I figure that it's better now, at ten in the morning, than never. So far, my day has been an epic fail. I woke up 10 minutes after my Cal II class started, decided to go anyway. I got there and then decided that I better not walk in 30 minutes late to a 50 minute class. So, I listened to the remainder of lecture through the door, like some big creeper. The whole scene had a Goodwill Hunting vibe to it and I almost laughed myself silly. :) I'll get the notes from a friend tonight. Or should I say tomorrow since it will probably be past midnight when I get around to it?

Really though, my Monday's just too busy. Basically, they go a little something like this: Wake up exhausted from the weekend. Start the Morning off right with math at 9 a.m. Continue with a string of constant classes until 6:30, at which time I get out of lab, grab a bite to eat, and then head to my Massey Hall Council meeting. After that, I head to my usual spot on the third floor of the library and study for the coming week. This week, I have a Chem quiz on Wed. at 8 followed by my first Cal exam at 9. I don't know how professors always manage to collaborate and put all your tests on one day. I would be impressed by their organization if I weren't so stressed about keeping my 4.0. haha.

Anyway, I guess what's really stressing me out this week is my extracurricular line-up. On Tuesday, I have my next round of R.A. interviews. Basically, it's just a 45 minute orientation about the selection process, but I still need to make a good impression. Then on Wed at 5, I have my first interview for S.A.A., the most competitive organization on campus, enough said.

Oh well. . . at least it's the first day of a new month and I got to do one of my all time favorite things: rip last month's page off my desk calendar and tear it to shreds. Of course, I have to do this when my roommate is gone so she won't think I'm insane. haha. Really though, I find that it's a big stress reliever to get rid of last month's worries.

I guess that's it. :) Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday,


  1. Your week sounds as crazy as mine! Who are you taking for calc II? In case you didn't know this is PSP there was a big ordeal and I had to take that blog private so now I am at the pink calculator blog :)

  2. Don't you love when you oversleep like that? I did it for my 8am a couple weeks ago. Except I got there 2 minutes after it started - literally 2 minutes - and here was no prof and only 5 students. Class was canceled and the 5 of us never got the email. Epic fail.

    I'm an RA in South Carrick and I'd be happy to give you some tips for the RA process if you'd like!